How We're Different

How We're Different


As a creative company we go beyond the scope of traditional production companies by not only contributing our visual and production expertise, but by also bringing our writing experience to scripts – because we believe an idea lives or dies on the page.

Taking a script-first approach, we work direct with clients to conceive, write and execute original content. And while lots of our business comes from producing and directing well-written agency scripts, we often collaborate with agencies from the concept and script writing stage.

Over ten years we’ve produced direct-to-client and agency work for large brands like SEEK, Sensis and Devondale; TV scripts for Time Warner; as well content for Adidas, TWUSUPER, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and ABC TV.



Rob Barnett: Creative Director

John is more than a director, he’s a creative powerhouse with truly unique and unexpected ideas. I’ve engaged him on a number of projects because of his ability to support me and my team across every stage of a project from ideation, copywriting, pitching, directing and editing.

Luke Falkland-Brown: Senior Copywriter - Isobar

John is a creative’s best friend. He’s collaborative, is an amazing and funny writer and has a knack of crafting these weird and wonderful worlds. We’ve worked together a lot and he’s made a real habit out of making me look good.

Fraser Nelson: Copywriter - Clemenger BBDO

It’s hard giving up your word baby. But being able to bounce ideas for jokes and characters with John – the person who’s going to make the fuckin’ thing – is super handy. When you’re on-set you already know how they work, so bouncing more ideas and ad-libbing is breezy. More trust = better end product.

Holly Langford: Senior Art Director - Isobar

Sometimes you can have a weird idea that you’re a little scared of sharing. John takes that idea and embraces, cradles, builds and moulds it into something much bolder, crazier and more amazing!


Cath Vallence: Content Marketing Manager - Sensis

John is a brilliant talent to work with. He is a great writer/director with super sharp comic sensibilities. He is also excellent at negotiating with senior execs to get the best outcome for the viewing audience.


John Pace

John Pace

Giordi Caputo

Giordi Caputo

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