HOOVES is delighted to stack its ranks with Luc Schurgers’ trademark absurdism.

Best known for his Old Spice Mr Wolfdog spot for Wieden & Kennedy as well as his wild Peptocopter work for Procter & Gamble via Publicis, the director hopes this signing will: “Stop the nude emails”. Read on to find out why.       

“Luc is an Olympic-level talent and Australians will poop their puppet pants when they see his stuff,” says HOOVES creative partner, John Pace. “HOOVES is drawing a ring around the high-end absurd comedy market in Australia, and Luc’s work has helped define that category globally in the past five years. I couldn’t be more excited to have him help elevate the campaigns we create for clients as well as the projects we direct for agencies.”

Schurgers has most recently completed work for Unilever’s Axe in the UK for which he bought a frozen kangaroo from a zoo that was then taxidermied and puppeteered on set. In post the director, a dab VFX hand, brought the kangaroo to life himself with facial effects.

“That’s why we love Luc,” says Pace. “His world-class comedy chops and his resourcefulness are the two attributes we value most as a business. That kangaroo couldn’t look any better yet it probably cost 1/4 of what you’d expect. That sort of cost-effectiveness is the key to creating the type of high-spec comedy you see in Europe and the US, but on local budgets.”

Schurgers, a native of Holland, got his start with viral spots for Ray Ban and Levis and was then sponsored to work in the USA by David Fincher. From there he has travelled the world making idiosyncratic commercials and receiving emails from naked Australians. “In our second email exchange John sent me a video of himself naked on a tropical beach pretending to be a motorbike doing burnouts in the sand. It was at that moment that I knew I’d made a wise decision to sign with HOOVES. Either that or I’d joined a weird motocross cult. So, you know, win-win,” says Schurgers.

View a selection of Luc Schurgers work here:

For work enquiries contact using the subject line “TRUCK LOAD OF CASH FOR MAD GOOD COMEDY SPOT”.  

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