Commercial Director and Sundance Alum, Kristoffer Borgli, joins HOOVES

Commercial Director and Sundance Alum, Kristoffer Borgli, joins HOOVES

Following a huge 2019 that included two spots for Hershey’s via Droga5, writer/director Kristoffer Borgli is off to a flyer in 2020 with new APAC representation through HOOVES and his latest short “Former Cult Member Hears Music For the First Time,” earning a coveted spot at Sundance.

“As a storyteller, Kristoffer is in a league of his own,” says John Pace, HOOVES creative partner. “A reviewer of his rule-breaking 2017 doc-fic feature, DRIB, said ‘if Andy Kaufman was alive this is what he’d be doing,’ and that captures something vital about Kristoffer’s elevated, intelligent comedy. And he has managed to seamlessly port his unique approach over to commercials which is very good news for APAC agencies and brands.”

Pace adds, “We were drawn to Kristoffer because, like all HOOVES directors, he’s a chef, not a cook. He knows the craft of storytelling on a deep level and his understated approach to comedy is gripping and hilarious. He’s a character builder and having the ability to elevate what’s on the page in that way is such a valuable skill to bring to commercial scripts. Honestly, Kristoffer is the kind of rare talent that clients want to bottle and other directors want to glass.”

View a selection of Kristoffer’s work here:

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