As restrictions begin to ease, the possibility of small to mid scale production is slowly returning.

That said, the situation is fluid and there are no clear answers, so all we can do is be guided by our own sense of right and wrong. 

We have no interest in endangering the health of ourselves, client, cast or crew, but we are also conscious that many in the creative industries have been hit extremely hard by the shutdown of our economy so there’s a balance to find between self-preservation in a health sense and self-preservation in a financial sense.

Many of our clients and suppliers are keen to return to work and we are equally keen to provide a safe environment in which they can do that. That’s going to mean being selective about the jobs we take on and it’s going to mean a new level of caution and protocol on set. 

Let’s figure this out together and bring some laughs back to our commercials. Seems we need it now more than ever.


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