GENIUS Danger 5 creators, Dinosaur, join HOOVES

GENIUS Danger 5 creators, Dinosaur, join HOOVES

A post on the Danger 5 subreddit: “Danger 5 is probably my perfect show. It’s everything I want and like. I’m glad I found it.” We’re glad we found it too.

Once upon a time a force burnt through the atmosphere and smashed into Earth. That force was Dinosaur and their inimitable SBS and Netflix series, Danger 5.

In the wake of their two-season global cult sensation which was called “the wildest, most imaginative prime-time cult classic that Aussie TV has ever birthed”, the South Australian-based creator duo have been busy developing shows in the US and creating a new audio series of Danger 5 for Audible. Now they’re entering the commercial directing scene like a very polite comet.

Says John Pace, HOOVES creative partner: “Dinosaur have proven they hold the keys to youth culture. Their distinct comedic point of view is extremely valuable to brands looking to connect with markets in fresh and sticky ways. Show me another piece of Australian-made content that generated so much audience passion around the world that its props – with names like ‘Pierre’s cocktail shaker’, ‘patriotic dog puppet’ and ‘Johnny Hitler’s yoyo’ – were all sold in bidding wars at auction. I mean, someone paid 14K for the ‘Sensible Chuckle’ prop magazine. That kind of audience equity doesn’t grow by accident, it comes from a series of smart decisions made by unique minds and it’s something we’re excited to help Dinosaur transfer into commercials.”

“John said if we do this we’ll get to hang out on a yacht in Cannes,” says Dinosaur. “But we both get seasick and we don’t care for foie gras so that wasn’t really a drawcard, but getting to direct commercials sure was. Our style and references borrow heavily from commercials. We love them, especially the more absurd Japanese kind, so it feels natural for us to extend what we do into ads.”

View a selection of Dinosaur’s work here:

For work enquiries contact using the subject line: “PLEASE HELP. FOR GOD’S SAKE, PLEASE HELP. I’VE GOT BEACH SAND IN MY EAR.”

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