Youth Culture Kings

Once upon a time a force burnt through the atmosphere and smashed into Earth. That force was Dinosaur and their inimitable SBS and Netflix series, Danger 5. In the wake of their two-season global cult sensation which was called “the wildest, most imaginative prime-time cult classic that Aussie TV has ever birthed”, the creator duo have been busy developing shows in the US and creating a new audio series of Danger 5 for Audible. They’ve now entered the commercial directing scene like a very polite comet.

Nominated for two AACTA awards for Best Television Series and an Australian Director’s Guild nomination and win for Best Direction in a Television Series, Dinosaur are not only known for a distinct comedic point of view, but also for their mastery of craft.

The hilarious duo have proven their ability to create projects that catch fire with young audiences, so when you want to connect with youth markets in unexpected and sticky ways, Dinosaur is your beast.    



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