Shit Your Pants

Peter Martin are two people, Peter and Martin. Half-Australian, half-American, this hilarious directing duo are all-star.

For a decade Peter Martin have been consistently bringing their ludicrous brand of comedy to global audiences. Starting out with their “Condom vs. AIDS” spot that in ad-making circles is like an Iggy Pop song in its timeless simplicity; then skipping ahead to their lauded “Gimmicks” spot for Fedex; and through to their recent pitch-perfect “Watchdogs” piece for UBISOFT, Peter Martin have earned a valuable reputation for having a Midas touch, creating specific work that appeals to broad audiences.   

Watch this “Watch Dogs” spot and take note of the “shit your pants” opening (and through-line). That’s an example of how this creative duo can bring value to an already excellent script, and it’s why they’re ideally suited to the script-first approach of HOOVES.  

So when you’re looking to cut through with comedy that strikes a chord with wide audiences and yet is somehow very unique, Peter Martin are your best guides through the mine-riddled jungle that awaits anyone attempting to wrap an insight in an attribute, inside a script, inside a commercial, inside a consumer’s mind — and still get a laugh and some warm recall. 


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