We’ve been experimenting with TikTok lately, playing around with cutting up/revoicing/recontextualising bits from our work and from work we love. It has been an eye opener to say the least, with one video currently at 1.3 million views and another at 5.1 million views and growing. We’re deliberately swimming against the tide by not creating images in the native TikTok format of point and shoot authenticity. Instead we’re using high production value clips from ads we love, partly because we have access to them and it makes experimenting quick and easy, but mostly we’re using them to test the response to different types of comedy and to prove a business case for the universality of good comedic storytelling. We figure if we can entice 5 million people to watch a visual comedy-based scene from an old swedish ad in a forum that isn’t designed for that kind of thing, then we can build a case for the fundamental power of strong comedic imagery as a tool to connect brands with people. But above all that we’re doing it because it’s fun.

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